Copyny CEO

1. June 2010 – the idea of ​​​​creating the Copiny project is born, when Dmitry Chistov is trying to find a convenient solution on the market to support users of his Internet projects. There were no high-quality Russian-language platforms, so the idea arose to make a big project. Dmitry sold all his projects and started working on Copiny.

2. We mainly use open source and free technologies and products for development, which eliminates the need to purchase licenses.

3. Target audience – heads of customer support departments, customer care services, marketing directors.

4. We save on development due to the office in Bryansk, rent, maintenance and salary are lower than in Moscow.

5. The market of client communities is just emerging, so the strategy is to create it, inform potential clients about client communities, benefits, stories of successful implementations. Inbound marketing is the main channel for attracting customers. In addition, the openness of the platform and copyrights contribute to the viral distribution of the product.

6. Raised angel investments from Pavel Cherkashin, and then from SoftLine VP in the amount of $500 thousand. Plus, they initially invested their own funds.

7. Mistakes here

8. In our case, the freemium model did not work as it should, and we abandoned the free plan. The fact is that free users and those who paid us are completely different segments that practically did not intersect, so there was no conversion and clear restrictions for switching to paid plans.

I always admired the approach of the guys to put a good theoretical basis under the practice and even admit mistakes from the point of view of logic, textbooks and speak openly – yes, they were wrong because and because. Keep it up!

Quickme CPO

1.Organically, the product grew out of e-mail – collaborative mail. The bundle included additionally Files, Support, Calls and PM are on the way. I had to solve the problem of positioning – the answer to it was that the product was not UC, but some kind of “multi-level communications” that were critical for business. I suppose that in order to convey to the user how Support can be not an execution control tool and not ITIL, but communication via the same e-mail and through the form on the site, it will take time and effort.

2. The solution is based on a lot of Open source On the client side: html, css, javascripts, frameworks knockout.js, jquery. On the php server.

3.We place bets on SMBs, companies that work in the client b2b segment of sales or services. There are developers, lawyers, and chain stores among the users. In addition, we are ready to make large mail implementations for tens of thousands of mailboxes – Business Mail is sold as a separate module.

4. We started with a unique bundle and we don’t understand what this combination will lead to. We decided, following the example of ASANA, not to administer access rights – for a small team this is not at all critical, we went to ITIL Support and made it in the form of a group chat – all employees can answer questions, complementing each other.

5.Bets on the partner channel. Among the partners are leading cloud providers and system integrators, bootstrap and no offline promotion. The leading product in the bundle is still mail, and if we advertise, then only mail. We believe in integration with platforms – ISP, Jelastic, Parallels. About integration with other SaaS services in the candidates platform from Zingaya

6. The history of spin-offs and money was not attracted, plus partners immediately began to earn, which proves that even an unknown brand can be sold well through a strong affiliate channel.

7. Not yet, but I am sure that everything is still ahead. Hypothesis of a potential error – the service cannot be sold without mail.

8. Strange as it may seem, the first months of work showed that among large corporate clients there are many who want to switch from mail solutions of world vendors to lighter ones, and this is what pleases. Plans to develop the service in the CIS and not to touch the global history. So far, the Business Mail + Files pair is in demand, and this is encouraging. Cooperation with an integrator suddenly led to the creation of a Banking solution and we are already selling in the TOP 10 banks. .

Don’t praise yourself.

CEO of Zingaya  

1. The idea of ​​the Zingaya service arose when we were developing an IP PBX and SIP softphone, there was a feeling that IP telephony was too complicated and confusing for ordinary users, and we decided to try to simplify everything to the maximum, reduce the call to one or two clicks.

2At that time (2008), the only technology available in browsers that allowed something like this to be implemented was Adobe Flash, the first version of the server part was in Java using open source developments, but then everything had to be rewritten from scratch in C ++ . Action Script was used to program the client.

3. Target audience – any site visitor who wants to quickly contact the site owner (voice) to ask a question about a product or service (for sales) or solve a problem (for support). Well, you need a microphone.

4. Having our own platform, which has been in existence for more than 20 years and is constantly evolving, allows us to solve specific customer tasks in a short time and for minimal budgets, as well as to constantly develop boxed and SaaS products.

5. The quality of our projects forms a certain information background, ASOFT is actively recommended as a developer, and the company’s products as ready-to-use solutions that can be flexibly configured and even customized to any requirements. Recommended not only by clients, but also by partners with whom we often integrate and work on mutually beneficial terms of affiliate programs. Of course, there is a marketing budget and certain online and offline activities that provide a stable flow of lead generation.

6. We did not attract investments and focused in the business as a whole on the tasks of the client, which we solved for adequate money and just in time.

7. This made it possible to avoid errors during development, since when creating standard solutions, we focused on the standard tasks of customers.

8. We were the pioneers of the web and learned how to work optimally with a bunch of technology-standard solutions-customer needs.