Partnership with clients is our goal

Each of our projects helps businesses achieve results. Partners are expected to do more than just fulfill the terms of reference. Often our clients come to us with an idea and we help develop it, conduct research and offer a solution.

Clients ask us how to rate developers without being tech experts. We believe that the main criterion is the contractor’s transparent business processes. Thanks to communication with the manager and demonstration of the results of individual stages of work, the customer controls the progress of the project. We show how our processes achieve sustainable and predictable results before the project starts.


wallet  Budget and time control
Based on the results of the first communication with our analyst, you will receive a tentative estimate of the timing and budget of the project.

We plan the phased implementation of the project and estimate the time and cost of each stage.

We provide reporting on the work actually performed with the frequency and in the form that is convenient for the customer.

  Agile Development
In most cases, for complex projects, the requirements change during implementation for objective reasons.

We adhere to the Agile methodology, so with each iteration, the customer receives the optimal product under the given constraints.

This approach allows us to successfully launch projects,
which initially did not have a detailed technical task.

flag We take responsibility for the success of the project

We adhere to the best practices in our field, pass them on to customers and explain our solutions.

Addictoo tech architects and analysts examine the company’s infrastructure and related processes to eliminate any failures.

UX and UI designers will create an optimal interface that takes into account the characteristics of users.

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